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Foster Your Resiliency!!

Being a part of DartHeart means you already know that recovery is important and connecting with other survivors is part of healing after trauma.

We (like you) know that being young isn’t a bad thing. Along with the challenges and cliché high school drama, it’s really a great time to learn, discover, and share all that with your friends. The same is true for recovering from trauma, if not more so.

Our forums, annual publications and guest blogging allow you to tap into your potential and turn your trauma experience into something good for you and other survivors.

This article talks about teaching youth resiliency. We say, you are the youth, and you can teach yourself!!

By mulling over your strengths, those parts of you that make you better, wiser and stronger, and then practicing them each day is so important!

When you recover from trauma, your confidence takes a blow. It takes a while to rebuild this and practice is key. Find something good about yourself and be your own cheerleader each and every day.

And guess what? Your character strengths only get stronger and grow in number after trauma. You have survived. When you foster your resiliency, you own your trauma recovery experience and will be better for it.

(Source: dartheart.org)

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